Food Runner


*Having your Food Safe is an asset but not required.
**Use of a bike to transport meals is a MUST. We can not provide one for you.

These shifts are only 2 hours each. It is ideal if one person takes all shifts. 

    Work under the direction of the School Coordinator and Festival Staff

    Collect meal orders (by radio and word of mouth) from the various venues that cannot get to the dining hall for meal service times. Ie: Festival Head Office, Merch Booth, etc.
    Gather all meal requests from the Dining Hall, and tally meals with the front door volunteers. 
    Deliver meals to the staff and volunteers. Mark off meals on meal passes
    Follow basic Food Safe practice

How Long:    2 hr shifts
When:    Friday, August 2 / Saturday, August 3 / Sunday, August 4 / Monday, August 5
Which Venues:   Wells/Barkerville School, AKA - Kitchen/Dining Hall and Various Venues
Report To:    School Coordinator and Festival Staff