School Front Door Assistant


    Welcome Volunteers into the school
    Check In new volunteer for their shift depending on what Crew they are assigned to.
    Give those Volunteers direction on where to go to start their shift
    Check Out Volunteers finishing up a shift
    Answer volunteer inquiries
    Help bands/artists with the use of the Equipment Lock Up Room

    Communicate with the School Coordinator about late volunteers and no shows
    If first person to arrive at the school - turn on lights and start coffee
    If last person to leave the school - turn off lights, close all doors, and hand over lock up key to overnight security
    The school is an artists, volunteer and crew area only
    Camping in the school & Showers are only available to those with a School Camping Pass

How Long:    4 hr shifts
When:    Friday, August 2 / Saturday, August 3 / Sunday, August 4 / Monday, August 5
Which Venues:   Wells/Barkerville School, AKA - Kitchen/Dining Hall
Report To:   School Coordinator