Camping / Parking


•   Guide campers off the highway and into camping area
•   Assist with camping coordination. Keep the area organized and operating smoothly so it doe snot get too crowded
•   Provide directions and information to campers, performers, volunteers, festival-goers
•   Assist with No Parking Areas
•   Assist in safe parking and check for parking passes
•   Monitor Pedestrian safety
•   Safely control exiting vehicles
•   Monitor liquor exiting the camping site - No open liquor in the streets of Wells
•   Rove no camping areas, and ask rogue campers to exit area and direct to proper camping areas

How Long:    4 hr shifts
When:   Thursday, August 1 / Friday, August 2 / Saturday, August 3 / Sunday, August 4
Which Venues:    Both Campsites
Report To:    Traffic Crew Leader