Set Up Crew


    Assemble stages
    Set up backdrops
    Map out, and mark the parking spaces in the parking areas
    Flag off no camping areas
    Set-up tables/chairs
    Pick-up gear from various storage locations, and move to appropriate stages
    Set-up kitchen & dining hall
    Set-up tables/tents for Sound persons
    Set-up small & large tents at various locations around the festival grounds
    Set-up traffic, parking barriers signage
   Place signs around festival - directional, parking, etc.
    Place no smoking signs around venues
    Assist the Festival Staff in the office with various duties
    Help Set up the Recycling area
    And various other set up duties

How Long:    As long as it takes - Physical Effort Required!
Typically two 4-hour shifts each day = 8 hour shifts.
When:    Tuesday, July 30 / Wednesday, July 31 / Thursday, August 1 / Friday, August 2
Which Venues:    Various / Entire Festival Area
Report To:    Site Set Up Manager(s)