Chapter/Community Council and Council Committees - Research, Programs & Services Lead

Working collaboratively with staff partner(s):

  • Contribute time, skills and expertise to advancing research and programs & services initiatives in the community and/or region (if applicable)
  • Gain a solid understanding of MS Society of Canada strategic objectives, policies & procedures, and programs and services, etc.
  • Actively participate in chapter programs (i.e.: research updates, friendly visiting program, support groups, educational events)
  • Help open doors to potential partnerships by leveraging personal or business connections
  • Enhance knowledge and understanding about MS research and increase opportunities to share that knowledge with other MS stakeholders
  • Build connections with local MS researchers/research community as possible
  • Form/Lead or participate in chapter’s Research, Programs & Services committee and recruit Committee members; keep chapter/community Council up to date on key activities of the chapter Research, Programs & Services committee.
  • Participate in chapter/community Council meetings and periodic regional and division wide teleconferences.  Share information, updates and best practices with chapter Research, Programs & Services committee.