Lake Champlain Resource Room Volunteer

For ages 18 years and older

Share your appreciation and knowledge of Lake Champlain and its watershed!


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Help visitors explore and protect the Lake Champlain Basin’s water quality, fisheries, wetlands, wildlife, recreation, and cultural resources. Operated by the Lake Champlain Basin Program (LCBP), the Resource Room welcomes visitors with hands-on activities, exhibits, and educational materials.

What will I do as a Resource Room Volunteer?

  • Greet and interact with visitors of all ages, assist with activities, and answer questions

  • Share information about Lake Champlain Basin natural and cultural resources

  • Communicate Lake Champlain issues and management to the public

  • Cultivate watershed stewardship with examples of individual and community action

  • Engage visitors and encourage scientific inquiry by asking questions

  • This position can be adapted to your interests and may include research, organizing materials, and creating activities and exhibits. 

Time Commitment

  • Minimum 3 months of volunteer service

  • One 3 or 4 hour shift per week, minimum 2 shifts per month

What do I need to be successful in this position?

  • Volunteers must enjoy working with all ages, be excited about learning and have an interest in Lake Champlain issues and stewardship. 

  • Interest in discovering a tranquil corner of ECHO that features live animals, activities, microscopes, computer stations, and a lake and watershed library

  • Enthusiasm for Lake and watershed stewardship with a focus on citizen action, community events, and volunteer opportunities

  • Interest in facilitating hands-on activities


What will I learn?

  • How to engage and communicate with all ages and backgrounds

  • Skills in non-formal education and interpretation

  • Lake Champlain Basin natural and cultural history, issues, and management

  • Knowledge of place-based resources such as maps and charts, field guides, and information on recreational and historic sites

  • How to share Lake and watershed stories, science, and data with the public including students, teachers, and researchers

What benefits will I receive as a Resource Room Volunteer?

  • 20% discount at ECHO’s Gift Shop

  • Free admission to ECHO for the volunteer

  • Free coffee & tea in volunteer lounge

  • Annual appreciation events

  • Professional development opportunities

  • Volunteer social gatherings

  • ECHO day passes, distributed quarterly

  • ECHO branded gear & gifts 

  • ECHO memberships

  • Letters of recommendation/reference

  • A volunteer experience fitted to your unique skill sets and goals