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Thank you for your interest in Silvera for Seniors. If you would like to volunteer with us just complete a MyImpact profile. 

**Please note that there are different applications for various activities. Please click on the "general interest" you want to volunteer for, and complete the application form found on that activity's page. Otherwise the application form on the main page is for general volunteer duty consideration. 

Thank you and we hope to see you soon. 



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General Interests

Trishaw Bike Pilot

This is a seasonal opportunity. 

The Trishaw bike pilot will pedal our bike with one or two passengers in the front seat. Check out the video to see the bike in action.

This opportunity requires the pilot to be at least 18 years of age and assume responsibility for cleaning, safety and documenting the rides. The volunteer will engage with the Resident while getting out in the fresh air and seeing the sights around the neighbourhood. 


This is a seasonal opportunity. 

Many of our communities have large outdoor garden spaces that need tending. This job would entail regularly weeding and general maintenance of the garden beds. You would need to have at least an intermediate level of gardening "know how" as this will be mostly independent work. 

Your Hobby or Passion

Residents who live with us have various interests. We love it when volunteers share their hobbies and passions with us. 

Examples of this could be:

A volunteer who loves to play guitar and sing has invited Residents to join him in a sing along program.

A volunteer that is a university student has brought in science experiments to engage our Residents. 

We have volunteers fluent in other languages that run English as a Second Language programs for Residents.

We would love to hear about your passion and how we might bring it to our Residents. If you have an idea, tell us about it in your application. 


Special Events Support

You will be assisting Residents and Staff during large community events. This may entail, set up and and cleanup, decorating, serving food, assisting Residents to complete a task, and maybe even talking on the microphone as our MC. Some typical special events would be: Stampede Breakfasts, Christmas Dinners, and Intercommunity challenges.

Some additional requirements for this opportunity may include: Food Safe Handling Tutorial or a ProServe qualification.

Arts Program Facilitator

As an Arts Project Facilitator you will be responsible for implementing and delivering programs such as art projects, woodworking, photography, dance and music programs.

For example:

We have a volunteer who uses their artistic skills in the evening to run a paint night program that our Residents love to participate in.

Religious and Spiritual programming

We have a wide variety of religious and spiritual groups that volunteer with us. What might this look like?

- running church services

- leading bible studies

- church choirs

-facilitating a drum circle



Physical Activity Facilitator

The Physical Activity Facilitator will be responsible for implementing or assisting  with the delivery of programs such as lawn darts, bocce ball, shuffleboard, floor curling and bowling-just to name a few! Some duties may be setting up equipment, keeping score, bending, kneeling, socializing with Residents, or cleaning equipment.

We even have opportunity for you to run physical programs if you have the proper certification, (examples of this would be, yoga, tai chi, drumming). 


Board/Card Games Facilitator

Gather Residents to join you in some friendly competition.

An example of this is:

Volunteers come in to play crib with Residents on a regular basis.

Many of our communities have a variety of board and card games  that you are welcome to use with Residents. 

Ice Cream Social

You will be setting up the ice cream social station, scooping ice cream, and handling money. This is a good opportunity to socialize with the residents. This opportunity requires completion of the Food Safe Handling Tutorial, available under the "Training" tab on your profile. 

Happy Hour and Pub Night Facilitator

The duties include: setting up the bar, serving wine, beer, mixed drinks or snacks, collecting payment, cleaning up tables, and of course having some good chats. The volunteer will get the chance to learn about our Residents and share some life stories. 

This role will require ProServe qualification and Food Safe Handling Tutorial, available under the "Training" tab on your profile. 



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