Individual Social Support (home and community)

Social Support - Individual

We support older people to maintain an active social life by having someone visit them at home or in a supported residential service, or through community outings. The programs are also available to adults with disability. We have an amazing, passionate group of volunteers of all ages and backgrounds, supported by staff, who provide social interaction and companionship to help prevent loneliness and isolation. We’re always looking for more volunteers too. 

The social support program was established in 1977, and remains one of our most popular services today with a range of flexible activity options. The program helps people participate in and reconnect with their community, by pairing volunteers with older people to spend regular time together, either individually or as part of a group.

Consumers and volunteers might simply meet regularly for a chat but might also spend time sharing interests, playing boards games and cards or enjoying activities like coffee outings, local drives, walks and shared meals. Group activities may include movies, lunches and craft. We also offer a fun program that provides pet companionship.

Social Support operates across Metropolitan Melbourne, Ballarat and the Grampians regions.

Johnson’s story

Johnson, 27, works two jobs but still finds a few hours each week to make a difference to the lives of clients Jerome and Veronica and help them get back to the things they love. Johnson’s fresh face and energy is a wonderful injection of happiness into the lives of the married couple. Jerome’s health means the couple are often house-bound with limited contact with friends and family. But when Johnson visits, their house is filled with the sound of lively discussions on social issues and politics – subjects Jerome loves, while Veronica can take break from her full time role as carer.

"I think the social support program has achieved an amazing thing – bringing us together to explore cultures and world events from Veronica and Jerome’s living room!" - Johnson