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Volunteers help out our neighbors in many different ways - delivering a comforting meal (homemade or pick something up pre-made!), dog walks, rides to appointments, help with errands, one time light housework or lawn care, etc. Our volunteers can sign up for activities that are based on their individual schedule, interest and availability, help out when you can. If you would like to become a Neighbor Brigade volunteer fill out our volunteer application/questionnaire here! 


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If you, your family or someone you know is experiencing a temporary crisis due to an illness, surgery, cancer, accident, fire, death or other life event, our network of volunteers may be able to provide temporary, non-monetary assistance with some of your day-to-day needs. Some of the services volunteers have provided in the past include meal deliver, dog walks, rides to doctor's appointments, help with errands, friendly visits, and light household needs. To request services, fill out our Client Application here or call 1-855-241-4357. Neighbor Brigade should contact you within 24 hours. 


Community Angel Sponsor:        
Wayland MA Neighbor Brigade   

MAPA Translation

As President and CEO of MAPA Translations & Language Solutions, a Framingham-based company, I am proud to partner with Neighbor Brigade, such a vibrant organization in our community.  As an agency, we have been providing language services – written translations, interpretation and multilingual voice overs – locally to public schools, non-profit organizations, businesses, medical institutions and individuals since 2007. We are extremely honored to be the Community Angel Sponsor for the Wayland Neighbor Brigade chapter!


I wholeheartedly agree with your founder’s, Pam Washek, belief that we all share a human need for community and a need to care for and be cared by one another. Having known Pam as a friend and classmate while growing up in Wayland, I know that her service oriented spirit had deep roots. She believed helping was imperative not only for those who need the assistance, but for the benefit of the volunteers as well.


No matter your reasons for visiting this page, if you’re looking to become a volunteer or if you’re looking for some support yourself or for a neighbor, I would like to welcome you to the Neighbor Brigade family.



Drita Protopapa, MA, MPH

MAPA Translations, Inc.

 To find out about our chapter sponsorship opportunities click here to read our Sponsorship informational page or contact mark@neighborbrigade.org.

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Chapter Information

Wayland Neighbor Brigade

Welcome to the Wayland chapter of Neighbor Brigade! Our chapter was formed in March 2010. Whether you are seeking assistance or looking to provide help to another, you’ve come to the right place. Our volunteer chapter leaders donate time to coordinate the needs of families in crisis with the volunteers who want to help. Read on to learn more about their passion for Neighbor Brigade, and help us spread the word! We are always looking to expand our presence here in Wayland among volunteers and potential recipients alike.

Neighbor Brigade establishes community-specific networks of volunteers that can be mobilized to help residents facing sudden crisis manage day-to-day tasks such as meal preparation, rides, and basic household chores. Our chapter is just one of 29 chapters helping their neighbors in crisis! To learn more about us and our other chapters, please visit our home page here

If you are looking for help, please create an account and fill out an application form here using this link: Wayland MA Client Application


Contact Information

Email: WaylandMA@neighborbrigade.org

Facebook: Wayland MA Neighbor Brigade Facebook Page


Instagram: Wayland MA Neighbor Brigade Instagram



Chapter Leaders

Jen Gorke

Jen lives in Wayland with her husband and two young daughters. Since moving to Wayland eight years ago, Jen has been an active member of the community, previously serving on the Wayland Library Planning Committee and as a member of the Wayland Finance Committee. In her professional life, Jen advises local and global businesses and non-profits in the development of successful government affairs strategies. Jen also serves as a board member of the Silent Spring Institute in Newton, MA. 

After Jen's family received support from friends and family during a health crisis, she wanted to make sure everyone had access to similar support during challenging times.  She found neighbor brigade, joined as a volunteer, and the rest is history.  She is excited to take on the role of Chapter Leader with her good friend Kate and looks forward to continuing to grow this amazing organization. 

Kate Finlayson

Kate has been a resident of Wayland for 8 years where she lives with her husband and two young boys. Being a Nurse at Boston Children's Hospital, she has always had a passion for caring for families in crises. Whether the patients are at the hospital for a routine procedure or an extended length of time, she has seen firsthand the importance of supporting the family as a whole.  Being a Chapter Leader for Neighbor Brigade combines her passion to help families in acute crisis and a desire to support and positively impact those in her community.