PIP Power

A lady helps a disabled individual to fill out a form

PIP Power

Our volunteer Form Filling Advisers aid clients with disabilities in Norwich (NR1 - NR& postcodes). The help they offer comes via assisting clients to complete Personal Independent Payment (PIP) forms .

This is a great opportunity for you to learn all about PIP, from finding out about conditions of entitlement to learning how to make the best case for a client.  Whether you already have some knowledge and you want to make use of this to help others, or you have no experience and are keen to learn, this role could provide you with an interesting and challenging volunteering opportunity.

The Form Filling Adviser role will involve assisting our clients with the following:

•          Supporting to complete new PIP claims, award reviews and change of circumstances

•          Offering information and advice by telephone, e-mail and in person appointments when required

•          Signposting or referring clients on to other organisations where appropriate.

•          Keeping accurate and up to date notes on our client recording system

•          Ongoing learning to ensure knowledge is kept up to date and accurate


Volunteering Arrangements

This role can be carried out on-site or remotely, we will supply you with an Equal Lives email address and mobile phone if you are working remotely.  If working on-site you will have your own Equal Lives email address and access to a computer and work phone. 

All volunteers are required to undertake our core training programme.  This covers basic safeguarding and other key features, such as data protection.

All volunteers are required to be able to visit our offices in Norwich to perform the necessary DBS and data protection checks.

New volunteers will have an opportunity to shadow experienced volunteers and members of staff.

Volunteers are required to adhere to the organisations policies and practice guidelines.

Reasonable expenses, including travel undertaken whilst performing this role, will be reimbursed.  This includes mileage and parking costs.

Applicants must include two satisfactory references from individuals who have known them in a professional capacity for at least 12 months. 

Applicants must complete a Disclosure and Barring Service check before any volunteering can commence. 

Although you are required to do your training during office hours of 8:30am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday, we are flexible as to how many hours you wish to commit for.  We are also flexible around the amount of months you wish to volunteer with us for, so long as it is at least 6.


Person Specification

An awareness of disabling barriers and how these might impact upon clients, their families and carers.

Honesty and integrity.

An ability to be empathic, whilst maintaining professional boundaries 

Reliability, and only committing to a level of volunteering which is realistic.

Good interpersonal skills.

Confident and outgoing.

The ability to be non-judgemental.

Good verbal and written communication skills.

Excellent listening skills.

Ability to work on own initiative and as part of a team.

Sound administrative skills, and an ability to maintain accurate case records.

Commitment to attend training courses and team meetings.

Ability to follow organisational policies and procedures including safeguarding, data protection and health and safety.