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Stratford Hospital is a community outpatient hospital, consisting of two buildings and a ward with 25 beds. All volunteer opportunities are only available Monday - Friday between 8:30 - 17:00.

Our volunteers not only enhance patient experience but can also benefit from helping us; gaining knowledge, social connections, skills, confidence and motivation. It can also improve physical and mental health. Our aim is to give our volunteers a real sense of belonging.

We welcome anyone aged 16 and over to get involved and volunteer for their local NHS. Please note that for those aged 16-17 years old, there are limited volunteer opportunities available.

Please contact us should you have any questions, if not we look forward to receiving your completed application. 

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Volunteering Opportunities at Stratford Hospital

Minor Injuries Unit Support

This role provides support to the team within Minor Injuries Unit and will involve volunteers to:

  • Welcoming patients and visitors to the Minor Injuries Unit, supporting the staff with checking patients in and encouraging face masks to be worn in clinical areas
  • Communicate clearly and effectively with both staff, patients and visitors
  • Managing queues and collecting patients who are waiting in overflow areas when it's their turn to be seen
  • Helping to move patients from the Minor Injuries Unit to Radiology in a wheelchair

Cafe Lomas Front of House Volunteer

This role is to provide support to the front-of-house staff working in Café Lomas at Stratford Hospital.

This role will involve: 

  • Taking orders and serving customers
  • Re-stocking display items and the fridges of produce
  • Clearing tables and wiping them down
  • Assisting in the kitchen area with food preparation and clearing up
  • Responding to requests for support from staff members
  • Offering a smile to everyone
  • Engaging in any other appropriate activity under the direction/supervision of a member of the Staff
  • Providing exceptional customer service 

Cafe Lomas Table Assistant

This role will be to provide support to the staff and customers of Café Lomas at Stratford Hospital.

This role will involve: 

  • Helping with table service after customers have ordered 
  • Ensure tables are kept clean and tidy
  • Keep the area looking welcoming and presentable 
  • Clean spillages quickly or put out warning signage if necessary 
  • Responding to requests for support from staff members
  • Exercise excellent customer service at all times

Refreshment Support on the Rigby Unit

Volunteers support the Rigby Unit by providing patients with refreshments while they are receiving treatment. Not only does this role free up nurses' time but it allows volunteers to have a chat with the patients and offer company to those who needed it.

Meet and Greeters

Being our first point of contact, our meet and greeters provide an excellent service, welcoming patients and visitors to Stratford Hospital.

This role will involve:

  • Monitoring the main entrance of the hospital
  • Help direct people to the correct building and departments
  • Assisting with any queries
  • Ensuring everyone's visit is as trouble-free as possible

Nicol Unit Ward Support

The Nicol Unit is a 25-bed ward caring for patients who require admission prevention rehabilitation or palliative care.

Volunteers can support by:

  • Chatting with patients - general conversation to socialise with patients who need company to alleviate boredom and loneliness
  • Reading books and magazines with patients
  • Get involved with activities such as crosswords, quizzes, cards or board games
  • Accompany patients to the day room or garden for a change of scenery
  • Checking duties with Ward Manager or Sister in charge first
  • Picking up prescriptions from Pharmacy

As a volunteer on a ward, you will not be required under any circumstances to get involved in any aspects of personal care. Volunteers should be friendly, open-minded, patient and understanding of boundaries

Cardiac Rehab Support

*There is currently no availability for new volunteers within this role*

Cardiac rehabilitation is a programme for patients with a heart condition. It supports and provides information to our in-patients and continues for a number of weeks following discharge. As part of the programme, the patients are invited to community exercise classes and education sessions which they can attend with a family member.

Volunteers assist the programme by:

  • Supporting the patients within the gym
  • Helping serve refreshments during the education sessions
  • Handing out information leaflets
  • Helping to set up and tidy away
  • Being a friendly and welcoming face to engage and reassure patients that attend

Contact Centre

We are looking for Contact Centre Volunteers to support our +75 patients who have recently been discharged from hospital.  Calls will be made from Stratford to the individuals and provide a friendly and supportive conversation. You will need to be a good listener and clear communicator with an empathetic nature to fulfil this role.

Your duties will include:

  • Speak directly to patients via a phone call within a few days of leaving the hospital to ensure they are ok and help to direct them to any support they may need.
  • Signpost to additional support if required using the information provided 
  • Raise any concerns directly to the Discharge Team
  • Bridging the gap between inpatient and community life
  • Advocating local groups and services to improve the quality of life
  • Promoting medicines compliance
  • Your contact with patients will positively influence their well-being and have a direct effect on helping to relieve some pressure from the Discharge Team

Mission Statement

Our vision is to improve the health and wellbeing of the community we serve, building a healthier and happier future together.