Social Engagement Facilitator – Group Programs


The Social Engagement Facilitator provides extra support on group programs by focusing on social connectedness and supporting people with a disability to engage in the community, the activity and each other.

Key responsibilities will be dependent on the activity, however, could include:

 Assisting participants to engage in activities.

 Actively joining in the activities.

 Role modeling good social skills.

 Facilitating social interactions between participants to assist in fostering lasting friendships.

 Assisting with participant supervision.

 Preparation of activity, program or venue including: shopping, preparing or cooking meals and setting up or packing up activities and venues.

 Supporting client’s under the direction of disAbility Living staff.

 Transporting clients

 Other roles relevant to a specific activity or participant will be discussed prior to the program.

 Always operate under the direction and supervision of disAbility Living staff and follow reasonable directions and instructions.