Life-Story Scribe

The aim of the Life Story Scribe is to provide our client with the opportunity to create and bring to life her memoirs. She is a retired journalist with a passion for writing and wants her story heard, however she has limited ability to achieve this herself. Therefore we are looking for a compassionate and patient person with journalism knowledge to help her achieve her memoir dream.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Initially spending time with our client getting to know her, establishing a way of communicating with each other and working on a life story plan.
  • Scribe her memories as she speaks onto a laptop (this will be provided).
  • After scribing order the memories in chronological order.
  • Edit/structure the story so it is easy to read.
  • Edit or re-write the information into the style it needs to be presented in, which will depend on the target audience (e.g. family or self-published book).

Always operate under the direction and supervision of disAbility Living staff and follow reasonable directions and instructions.