Social Mentor – Accommodation Based


Accommodation based mentoring matches a volunteer with residents with a disability in one or more of our accommodation sites. Mentors are matched with sites based on shared interests with residents.

Key responsibilities include:

 Spending regular time with your participant(s) doing activities that you both enjoy.

 Supporting participant(s) to actively engage in activities of interest to them as well as trying new activities.

 Supporting participants (where appropriate) to develop or work on life skills, such as cooking or gardening.

 Role modeling good social communication and behaviour to assist your mentee to develop social skills.

 Fostering a genuine friendship with participants.

 Advocating for the right and choices of the participant(s).

 Other roles relevant to a specific activity or participant will be discussed prior to starting.

 Always operate under the direction and supervision of disAbility Living staff and follow reasonable directions and instructions.