LINC Conversation Leader-English Language Centre Support

Role: LINC Conversation Leader - English Language Centre Support

Purpose: Assist North Shore English Language Centre by guiding English conversation circles for newcomers, and improve participant’s confidence and proficiency in the English language. Conversation Leaders provide guidance on how to connect comfortably with people in their community using English and provide opportunities for intercultural exchange so participants can share and learn about local customs and culture.


  • Lead conversation circles using various techniques and materials
  • Role-play various situations with students and teach them authentic, appropriate English
  • Provide participants with a safe and appropriate learning environment
  • Be sensitive to participant’s various needs, interests and abilities
  • Participate in debates and be willing to take different sides
  • Lead other ESL activities, as per teacher’s request
  • Provide basic instructions and guidance in conversational English
  • Correct and give feedback on student’s English
  • Introduce students to new expressions and ways of saying things
  • Facilitate dialogue and conversation, encourage full participation
  • Other facilitation related duties as required


  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Highly responsible, organized, reliable and culturally sensitive


  • Excellent English language skills (Benchmark 9+)
  • TESOL certificate and experiences in teaching ESL is an asset
  • Experience working with immigrants in a culturally diverse environment