LINC Front Desk-English Language Centre Support

Role: LINC Front Desk - English Language Centre Support

Purpose: Assist North Shore English Language Centre Front Desk staff with administrative duties and tasks like document editing, labeling or filing, as well as empowering clients by providing informal language support in the client’s first language.


  • Provide language support in a variety of different contexts
  • Answer the phone to allow clients to enter the building after regular office hours
  • Learn about LINC policies to be able to better explain these policies to student
  • Translate the New Student Orientation to lower-level students
  • Assist front desk staff with day-to-day operations


  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Highly responsible, organized, reliable and culturally sensitive
  • Be discrete with client’s private information


  • Fluent in additional language, as required
  • High-level English CLB 6+
  • Ability to explain/summarize event dialogue into the language spoken by assigned client