NPWS Deer Program - Volunteer Positions

                                           Deer Imgae

The Cross tenure feral deer management project is funded by the Environmental Trust and managed by the National Parks and Wildlife Service, Conservation Aboriginal Partnership Branch. The project will run until 2027 and aims to develop a range of management tools to best prevent feral deer from damaging valuable conservation areas and productive agricultural systems.

A feral deer study of this size has never been undertaken in Australia. When completed it may transform how organisations will manage vertebrate pests in the future. The project study site is 28,500 including 19,000ha in Kosciuszko National Park and 9,500ha of agricultural land in parts of Moonbah, Grosses Plain and Ingebyra.


The project team are seeking volunteers to assist with the following activities; remote camera servicing, vegetation monitoring, camera trap image tagging and other exciting activities. Most of our field based activities are conducted during Autumn and Spring each year and our image tagging throughout Winter. If you enjoy working in beautiful areas, have a love for the outdoors and a good level of fitness, we would love to have you volunteer with us.