We are so happy you found us!  You can learn more about our different volunteer opportunities and see our current schedule down below.  After submitting your application, you'll be able to sign up for an upcoming orientation.  Once you have completed your in-person orientation, you will then be able to view and sign up for volunteer opportunities on the opportunity page. 

Please note that you must be 14 years of age or older to volunteer.  There is a one time $25 application fee due at orientation.  During orientation, you will be provided with a CHAPS Volunteer T-Shirt as well as have the opportunity to purchase other attire and gear.  Additionally, anyone who visits or participates with CHAPS Center, Inc. will be required to have a signed liability waiver on file.  If you need to send it to another family member or helper you can forward them this link: CHAPS Center, Inc. Liability Waiver

Through the Volunteer Portal you'll be able to sign up for volunteer sessions, log and download your own hours, find more ways to be a part of our community and so much more!  You can also download the free app for easy access on your iPhone or Android here: https://apps.apple.com/ca/app/my-impact/id1445454149

We are looking forward to meeting you!

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Horse Handlers and Side Walkers


Volunteers for Horse Handlers + Side Walkers are asked to be as consistent as possible as our students rely on the consistency of the people helping during their sessions. Horse Handlers + Side Walkers' responsibilities include helping groom, tack up, untack and then lead the horse during sessions.  They may also be asked to side walk next to the student for extra support.  We do require all of these volunteers to go through an orientation for training and will continue to educate as their volunteer career continues.  These opportunities are currently on Wednesday mornings and afternoons, Thursday mornings and Saturday mornings.  Opportunities are generally in 3 hour shifts, however if you have availability to stay longer for the remaining session you are welcome!


Activity Shifts Start End
Fri AM Horse Handlers + Side Walkers 1 5/31/2024 5/31/2024
Fri PM Horse Handlers + Side Walkers 1 5/31/2024 5/31/2024
Sat AM 1st Shift Horse Handlers + Side Walkers 31 6/1/2024 12/28/2024
Sat AM 2nd Shift Horse Handlers + Side Walkers 31 6/1/2024 12/28/2024
Thurs AM Horse Handlers + Side Walkers 31 5/30/2024 12/26/2024
Wed AM 1st Shift Horse Handlers + Side Walkers 1 5/29/2024 5/29/2024
Wed PM Horse Handlers + Side Walkers 1 5/29/2024 5/29/2024

Orientation & Trainings


Orientation is a chance to learn all the ins and outs of how Volunteers can make a huge impact on our community!  Volunteers will learn how to horse handle, groom, tack up the horse and side walk during orientation.  We value developing our volunteers skills and confidence just as much as our students.  We are all always growing and learning and whether you have years of horse knowledge or not, we are happy to have you and grateful for your willingness to help others!


Activity Shifts Start End
New Volunteer Orientation 2 6/9/2024 6/23/2024

Our Core Values

We are a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. Our mission is to educate, empower and enrich our community with a variety of equine therapies.  Our students, families and volunteers find hope through experiencing the peace brought by nature and our equine partners.