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About Youth Unlimited Vancouver

Our 10-person staff team – backed by hundreds of partners, volunteers, and advocates – is privileged to serve youth (ranging from Age 10 to 25) in a number of communities around Vancouver. These young people face a myriad of vulnerabilities: from an onslaught of mental health struggles, to various forms of abuse and/or exploitation, to severe trauma—and everything in between. Youth Unlimited Vancouver outreach workers meet youth on their turf, creating experiences and connection points that are relevant, innovative, and fun. And, most importantly: we're in it for the long-haul.


"Whether a young person is street-entrenched or lives in a fancy house, we are finding vulnerable youth around every corner. And so much of a young person's struggle might be invisible to the naked eye; so, we dig-in to both the dark and the hopeful places, often over the course of years and years. And we keep going."

Andrew Chong, Vancouver area director




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