Mentor (Subject Matter Expert Attorney with Legal Network)

Subject Matter Expert Attorneys will be available to answer questions and guide licensed volunteer attorneys who accept a pro bono case from Catholic Charities Legal Network. These mentor attorneys are subject matter experts with substantial knowledge in at least one of the civil legal areas covered by Catholic Charities Legal Network in either Washington, DC or Maryland. A subject matter expert attorney will be able to help guide and build newer pro bono attorneys’ skills and understanding in an area of the law less familiar to these volunteers as they help pro bono clients achieve a positive outcome in their civil legal matters.   


Catholic Charities Legal Network  provides pro bono civil legal services to low-income families and individuals throughout the Archdiocese of Washington. Case types, in Washington, DC and Maryland, include: landlord/tenant, family (child custody, divorce, child support), government entitlements (SSI/SSDI), consumer debt/bankruptcy, estate planning (will drafting, advanced healthcare directives, power of attorney), employment, and record sealing.   


Subject Matter Experts will:  

  • Be accessible to the volunteer attorneys for phone calls and emails 
  • Provide guidance to the volunteer attorneys, procedural as well as substantive, as the volunteer learns a less familiar area of the law
  • Agree to work with 2-3 volunteer attorneys per calendar year
  • Not directly represent the pro bono client 


Desired Skills, Experience, & Characteristics:  

  • At least 3-5 years of experience in a civil law area covered by Catholic Charities Legal Network
  • Be ready and willing to pass along their knowledge to a less-experienced attorney in order to allow them to grow their skill set and, ultimately, help a client seeking pro bono legal services 



  • Volunteers must be licensed and in good standing with the DC and/or MD Bar or qualify under the local rule allowing for out-of-state attorneys to practice. 


Volunteer Benefits:  

  • A greater sense of the legal needs in your community 
  • An opportunity to meet people from all walks of life 
  • An opportunity to pass along acquired skills and experience in the name of assisting those in need in your community 


Time Commitment:  

  • Availability up to 10 hours per month 
  • A one-year commitment is preferred 
  • Work can be completed as time allows, including nights or weekends, as the mentor and mentee agree upon 



  • This is a remote opportunity, with access to Legal Network staff attorneys also in a remote manner 



  • Volunteer orientation to the agency and CCLN will be provided
  • Cultural competency training for working with clients facing trauma, as needed 


Next Steps:  

  • By September 17: Fill in an application  
  • September 8 – September 24: Matching Expectations conversation with Catholic Charities staff.   
  • October 3: Find out if you’ve been selected for the role.  
  • October 15- October 23: Attend virtual Volunteer Orientation and complete screenings.   
  • October 26: Begin volunteering!