JFCS Career Development Center

Career Fair Assistant: For each employer event volunteers are needed to help with registration and other administrative tasks, such as answering participants' questions and directing them to specific employers.

Computer Assistance: Job Seekers who have been out of the work force for some time may need one-on-one help to fill out on-line applications and use basic computer applications such as Word and Excel. Ideal for technically skilled volunteers.

Guest Speakers: Volunteers with extensive experience in a particular field and those who have held executive roles may be invited to speak about their industry, its trends, and the job opportunities that are currently available.

Informational Meeting Providers: Job Seekers who are contemplating a career shift to a new company or industry may seek input from someone experienced in the field. Volunteers would be asked to make themselves available for face-to-face or phone meetings to provide general information about a company or industry, including education and skills required, and insights about how the Job Seeker should present him/herself in resumes, cover letters and interviews. The volunteer would be under no obligation to provide a reference for the client. Ideal for volunteers with broad knowledge of a company or industry, especially those who have, or have had management-level positions. 

Mock Interviewers: Volunteers will play the role of a potential employer in an interview, asking questions to help Job Seekers become comfortable with the interview process, polish their presentation skills and anticipate questions from interviewers. Mock interview sessions would last between 30 minutes and 1 hour. Ideal for volunteers with experience in human resources or supervisory / hiring roles. 

Workshop Facilitator: Workshop presenters will be selected based on their professional experience and their comfort level leading small group presentations. Topics will be determined based on the presenter's skills, background and the current need of clients. Before teaching a class volunteers must undergo training to become a facilitator.