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Become a Chatty Volunteer and help make a difference! A registered ACNC health promotion charity supporting people to build social connections.

Help combat social isolation and loneliness.


Volunteer with Chatty Café Australia and get back a whole lot more than you give. Meet new people and help strengthen social connections within your community. Help a local venue offer a friendly space for anyone in your neighbourhood to come and have a chat! We encourage all sorts of community-focussed hospitality and social venues across Australia to provide a shared Chatty table where customers/participants/residents can sit and talk to other customers and “Have a Chat”.

This is a great video to watch if you want to learn about how Chatty Cafe works and get a feel for how our “Have a Chat” tables work. 


Our Chatty venues are cafes, restaurants, clubs, pubs, wine bars, community centres, neighbourhood houses, libraries, Op shops and Aged Care residences. Chatty venues can choose to have a Chatty Volunteer to act as an “ice-breaker” for their Chatty table and help customers feel very welcome and less isolated or lonely.


We provide all promotional information necessary to set up a Chatty Table and provide social media information of our Chatty venues locations to enable community members to participate.


Dreamer Cafe


Rosebud Library

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Our Volunteer Roles

Have a Chat Table Volunteer

Chatty Table Volunteers start conversations at designated ‘Have a Chat’ table in venues that are part of the scheme. The requirement would be to commit between 1-2 hours each week to sit at the table. You would be asked to wear a ‘Have a Chat’ name tag so customers can clearly identify the table and come and have a chat, should they wish to. This would be perfect for someone looking for a relaxed volunteering role. No skills required, just the ability to enjoy having a chat! We would endeavour to match each volunteer with their closest venue, to minimise the amount of travel required.


Chat on the Phone Volunteer

phone volunteer

Chatty Phone Volunteers make one to one phone calls when someone is experiencing loneliness and/or social isolation or running online ‘virtual chat’ meetings (Zoom, Facetime, Messenger). This role would be great for anyone who prefers to volunteer from home.

Aged Care Table Host

Aged Care

Chatty Aged Care Volunteers have a passion for supporting the wellbeing of people in aged care and are interested in facilitating social connections. We're looking for people who love working in a team, enjoy engaging with their community and most importantly have fun in the process! Additional compliance requirements may include C-19 & flu vaccination evidence and a RAT test upon entry depending on current health advice.



Chatty Event Volunteers are enthusiastic volunteers who can help us out by welcoming and engaging audience members at face-to-face Chatty events throughout the year. This role would suit anyone who is keen to plan and participate in local events in either a leadership or supporting position.



Chatty Admin Volunteers assist the operations and customer service of Chatty Café Australia. This role would be great for anyone who prefers to volunteer from home and has access to a computer.

Volunteer Management

volunteer management

We would love to hear from you to help Chatty Cafe Australia build and nurture relationships with volunteers across all metropolitan and regional areas. Develop new and innovative volunteer leadership program initiatives and support volunteers to achieve the best results possible for the important work that Chatty Cafe Australia does in the community. Rewarding opportunity to be part of a collaborative team that supports our dedicated team of volunteers.


Online chat Volunteer (e.g. Zoom, Facetime, Messenger)

online chat volunteer

Online Chat Volunteers. Chatty Cafe Australia also offers volunteering roles which include running online chat meetings (e.g. Zoom, Facetime, Messenger), for people who would like to have a video chat onlineThese roles would be great for anyone who prefers to volunteer from home. 

Our Mission

We believe having a chat can brighten your day 😊

The Chatty Cafe Scheme aims to get people chatting to build and encourage social connections within the local community, and to help reduce social isolation and loneliness.

Keeping Your Community Connected!