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To help reduce and discourage criminal defacement of private and public property and make Fort Worth an even more beautiful community.

Duties: In this very visible role, you’ll attack graffiti by painting over it on structures large and small. 

Time Frame: Typically a four-hour shift on one day.

Qualifications: No experience necessary. Must be at least 12 of age to participate with a supervised group, if you are younger you will need one-on-one supervision. Must wear closed-toed shoes. Must be able to stand, stoop, bend, reach, etc., for extended periods of time. This project is an outdoor activity. Great for individuals and groups.

Mural Artist

Purpose: To outline creative designs that enhance the surrounding neighborhood with the purpose of reducing and discouraging criminal activity on private and public property and helping Fort Worth be an even more beautiful community.

Duties: In this artistically inclined role, you’ll first work on site by yourself creating an initial outline, which later will be filled in by a group of volunteer mural painters. You will also be on site when the volunteers are painting to oversee their work. Then you’ll have an opportunity to return after they finish to complete any necessary touchups to the final product.

Time Frame: Depending on the project paint date, you will have up to one week before that date to create the outline on the canvas, plus one day for the paint project and any additional hours for touchups, if necessary.

Qualifications: Skilled in creating an outline on small and large canvases, along with the ability to work with local volunteer groups of all ages and abilities and help direct them in panting a unique and inspired piece of community art. This project is an outdoor activity.

Mural Projects

Purpose: To help reduce and discourage the criminal activity of vandalism. Minimizing defacement of private and public property (i.e., graffiti) also helps enhance Fort Worth and make it a more beautiful community.

Duties: You’ll make a lasting mark in this important role, where you’ll help paint in the lines of a mural created by a local artist. 

Time Frame: One day.

Qualifications: No experience necessary. Must wear closed-toe shoes. Must be able to follow directions and stay within the lines drawn by the mural artist. This project is an outdoor activity. Great opportunity for groups. Age requirements will be posted with each mural date.

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This project also allows groups as well as individuals to paint over any vandalism to our City.

Activity Shifts Start End
Blitz Project (4/24/21) 0 4/24/2021 4/24/2021
Blitz Project (5/15/21) 0 5/15/2021 5/15/2021
Blitz Project (5/27/21) 1 5/27/2021 5/27/2021
Blitz Project (6/10/21) 1 6/10/2021 6/10/2021
Blitz Project (6/12/21) 1 6/12/2021 6/12/2021
Blitz Project (6/24/21) 1 6/24/2021 6/24/2021
Blitz Project (6/26/21) 1 6/26/2021 6/26/2021
Blitz Project (7/22/21) 1 7/22/2021 7/22/2021
Blitz Project (7/24/21) 1 7/24/2021 7/24/2021
Blitz Project (8/21/21) 0 8/21/2021 8/21/2021

Join the Volunteer Team!

Are you looking to volunteer for the City of Fort Worth? The Graffiti Abatement Program (GAP) frequently works with community groups who wish to have an impact on the graffiti problem in their neighborhoods.  Paint and supplies are provided to volunteer groups who wish to take on a project. Work may consist of painting simple murals to performing neighborhood cleanups.  Frequently, on-site assistance and supervision are provided by GAP staff. Check out our Graffiti Abatement volunteer opportunities and sign up today!