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General Interests

Digital Visit Assistant

Assist residents or tenants to connect with their loved ones through digital visits.  For example, Facetime, Zoom, Phone Calls, Emails, etc.

Prayer / Spiritual Care

Assist residents or tenants to participate in chapel services.  You will help residents and tenants to move to and from the chapel.  Attend Chapel to assist as needed during the services.  You may also be interested in spending time in prayer with the residents, leading devotions, or read the Bible with them.

Arts & Crafts

Assist the resident and tenants, along with the recreation team, to complete various arts and crafts.  You may be interested in planning art projects and leading the residents and tenants.

One-on-One Visits

Visit with residents and tenants one-on-one or in small groups.  Volunteers must be friendly, respectful and have good communication skills.

Fitness or Active Games

Assist residents and tenants to get to and from their fitness classes or activities.  Be mindful of the residents/tenants abilities.  Be safety conscious.  Assist as necessary to make the class or active game successful.

Beauty Corner Program

Assist residents and tenants who want to participate in our beautiful hands program or other spa activities.  Simple manicures (lotion, hand massage, light filing and nail polish application if requested).


Assist with gardening at any of our facilities as led by the maintenance and recreation departments.  Weeding, planting, fertilizing, deadheading, watering, raking up leaves, etc.

Walking / Outdoor Exercise

Assist residents/tenants outdoors as they go on walks and get fresh air exercise.  

Music Performance

Are you musically gifted?  We would love you to volunteer your time to entertain our residents/tenants with your talents.  

Special Events

Assist with special events, such as family barbeques, fundraisers, appreciation events, Christmas parties, etc.  Help plan, set up, take down, and assist with the festivities.

Tuck Shop

We are looking for a volunteer or volunteers to run our tuck carts.  The tuck cart allows the residents/tenants to purchase items such as treats, toiletry items, word searches, etc.  The tuck cart Lead Volunteer will have the responsibility of stocking the carts and working with the office to manage funds.  Other volunteers will assist with taking the carts around to the residents so they can shop from home.

Pet Visits

Have a furry friend that would like to come visit at Tabor Village?  Our residents and tenants enjoy visiting with your pets.  Pets will need to be accepted into the program, meeting the behavioral and health requirements.

Meal Assistance

Assist residents/tenants with their meals.  Bring residents/tenant to and from the dining area. Those volunteers who are interested in helping feed residents/tenants who need assistance will be required to take the meal assistance training program.

Palliative Care

We are looking for individuals with training or who are willing to train to help support residents/tenants who need end of life care, as well as be a support to their family and friends.  We will partner with community organizations to train volunteers who are interested in palliative care support.


Volunteers are needed to assist with resident outings.  We are looking for individuals to assist our residents/tenants on bus tours and other events.

Office Assistant

Are you gifted on computers, telephones or organization?  We are looking for volunteers who are interested in supporting our office staff with photocopying, record keeping, sanitizing, mail outs, phone calls, stocking office supplies, greeting visitors, etc.

Serving Tea & Coffee

Help warm up our residents by serving our residents/tenants with a hot cup of tea or coffee.


Assist residents/tenants to play board games, card games, etc.  Help residents/tenants move to and from common areas, or play games in their rooms/suites.  Be mindful of the the residents/tenant abilities.

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Mission Statement


Tabor Village is a vibrant community where seniors and their families experience “care from the heart” with Christian compassion and respect.


Tabor Village is at the forefront of seniors' care and innovation, an employer of choice, a charity of choice, with an increased number of volunteers, and a renewed campus of care.