Tech Ambassador (13-19 year olds only)

We are looking for volunteers with superb tech skills to support our customers with IT. This can include assisting our homework clubs, showing young children how to use programmes like Word and Publisher. You can also assist our staff in delivering  LEGO Education workshops where you can help children build, code and learn. Older volunteers aged 16 and over can also become Digital Champions, providing one-one support to our adult customers in using PC’s and the latest gadgets.

Look out for opportunities as they occur at various times of the year.  

As a Tech Ambassador you can:  

  • Gain experience in communicating with people from diverse backgrounds
  • Access possible training opportunities
  • Gain experience in using new digital technology 
  • Receive references for your CV and UCAS form
  • Be rewarded for your contribution to Croydon Libraries with annual celebrations and certificates

Based on the hours you accumulate you will receive certificates which can be used as evidence to acknowledge all your hard work. 

  • 15 hours = Bronze Certificate
  • 30 hours = Silver Certificate 
  • 50 hours = Gold Certificate 
  • 100 hours = Star Certificate