Advocacy - Waitangi Day 2021


Project Island Song will have a presence at the 2021 Waitangi Day market (Saturday 6 February) to showcase the project and to interact and engage with visitors.


Role description

We’re looking for a group of volunteers who enjoy meeting new people, working as a team, and are happy to spend Waitangi Day talking to visitors about Project Island Song.


Timings for the day will be confirmed early in the new year.


The role will involve:

  • Advocacy – engaging Waitangi Day visitors about Project Island Song
  • Education – raising awareness around what the project is, why biosecurity and reintroductions are so important, and how people can get involved with the project
  • Having a presence – having volunteers with Project Island Song badges at Waitangi Day raises awareness of the project, shows that we care enough to have people there to talk about the project, and encourages others to value the project and care about the islands like we do. 
  • Sharing your experience – sharing your knowledge and experience of being a Project Island Song volunteer and visiting the islands of Ipipiri with others.
  • Having a good volunteer experience! – Hopefully enjoying meeting new people, fellow volunteers and learning more about Project Island Song


Key messages:

  • The islands of Ipipiri are a wildlife sanctuary where protected species have been reintroduced to thrive on a pest-free islands.
  • There are several species of rare native birds, lizards and plants living on these islands. 
  • Project Island Song is a partnership between the hapu at Rawhiti, DOC and the Guardians of the Bay of Islands volunteer group. Their aim is the ecological restoration of the seven islands of Ipipiri, Eastern Bay of Islands.
  • The islands were once over-run with rats. Project Island Song eradicated all pest mammals from Urupukapuka and the other six islands, and they have been pest-free since 2009.
  • Biosecurity is the ongoing work to ensure the islands stay pest-free. Pests are species of plants, animals or insects that threaten the native ecosystem. Here, the major threats are rats (they can swim and hitch rides on boats and in bags), Argentine ants (may easily be transported in camping gear), plague skinks, and weeds. 



  • Visitors will have more about Project Island Song, biosecurity and NZ wildlife than they did before.
  • Visitors will have had a positive experience interacting with our volunteers.
  • Visitors will want to find out more about Project Island Song and contribute to the project.
  • Volunteers will have a positive experience and want to volunteer again next year




Saturday 6 February 2021

Schedule Summary

This activity generally occurs on

  • Saturday - Morning, Afternoon