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Teaming with wildlife

Helping us to bring back the birdsong to the islands of Ipipiri, note by note.

Our Volunteers

Without the commitment of our strong volunteer base Project Island Song would not have achieved what is has done to date. As we look to the future we are aware how important that volunteer success is to our ongoing success. 

As a volunteer you are a vital member of our community and contributor to our organisation, helping us all fulfill our mission and achieve our goals. We welcome inquiries about volunteering. There are a number of different ways you can support our work, including (but not restricted to) planting, bird monitoring, weeding, and advocacy on the islands.

This image shows our time line. From the Prehistoric age where these islands would have been resplendant with native flora and fauna, through to the year 2000 where they were deforested and teemed with pest mammals. Project Island song was established in 2003 as a partnership to restore the islands. By 2009 all invasive pests and mammal were eradicated. By 2015 30,000 native trees had been grown and planted. By 2015 there were five native species released. Our hope is that by 2050 the ancient dawn chorus is restored.

Our Vision

Project Island Song's vision is the ecological restoration of the pest-free islands of Ipipiri in the eastern Bay of Islands to create an archipelago of sanctuaries that celebrates the native subtropical habitat, lush with vegetation and alive with birdsong.

Project Island Song is a partnership between community conservation group the Guardians of the Bay of Islands, local Rawhiti hapu (Ngati Kuta and Patukeha) and the Department of Conservation.

Thanks to this incredible partnership the islands of Ipipiri are beginning to sing once again after many years of silence.

New Zealand’s native wildlife is under threat. Humans created that threat. It is up to us to help redress the balance and support natural regeneration.



For more details on our volunteer roles see the General Interests section.


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General Interests


Volunteers are needed to help out at public advents with engagement, fundraising, and education. This can be on the islands, and on the mainland.

Activity Shifts Start End
Bay of Islands Show 2022 1 11/12/2022 11/12/2022

Weeding Programme - Weedbusters

The Weedbusters are the front line in preventing the spread of invasive weeds on Ipipiri.

This is a great way to get out into the Bay of Islands, assist with the work that Project island song is doing and become immersed in the environment.

Nature needs you. Weedbusters is a great weekly social event that starts at 8:30am until 3:30pm, come meet people, and see the impact that you individually can make.

Activity Shifts Start End
Wednesday Island Weedbusters - with boat transport provided 6 10/12/2022 12/14/2022

Wildlife Monitoring and Surveying

Regular monitoring of the populations of released birds is carried out in Ipipiri. Birds such as Popokatea (Whitehead), Tieke (Saddleback) and Kakariki require periodic monitoring to ensure population numbers continue to grow.

Activity Shifts Start End
Ipipiri annual bird count 1 1/14/2023 1/14/2023

Our Mission

Together we protect, sustain and help restore the natural birdlife of the Ipipiri archipelago, note by note, to enable our special place and people to thrive now and for future generations.