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Every week in the greater community, and at South Church, there are a variety of opportunities to get involved, lift up the community, and help your neighbors. We welcome all and actively nurture connections that bring meaning and joy in service. 

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Bread & Roses

South Church is helping create a bagged meatloaf dinner as a grab and go option at Bread & Roses. We prepare this meal at South Church and deliver it to Bread & Roses no later than 3:00pm the same day. Opportunities now include a shopper, meatloaf preparers/cooks, cookie bakers and a driver.

Activity Shifts Start End
Cookie Baker 4 5/21/2022 6/18/2022
Driver 2 5/21/2022 6/18/2022
Meatloaf Preparer/Cook 4 5/21/2022 6/18/2022
Shopper 3 5/21/2022 6/18/2022

Candidating Weekend

We need some help setting up chairs, tables, drinks, and some food at two events over Candidating Weekend. Do you have an hour or so to help out?

Activity Shifts Start End
Meet & Greet Help 1 5/21/2022 5/21/2022
Reception Help 1 5/22/2022 5/22/2022

Greater Community Opportunities

Join us in building affordable housing, collecting food for our neighbors in need, and assisting with homework in after-school programs.


Activity Shifts Start End
Build Affordable Housing with Habitat: New Lawrence Project 1 6/4/2022 6/4/2022

Serving South Church

Our traditional tall, white steepled church stands as a beacon in Andover, yet we connect with visitors and members from across the Merrimack River Valley and beyond.

Activity Shifts Start End
Newsletter Assembly 1 5/31/2022 5/31/2022

Serving South Church: Fellowship

Throughout a number of different ways, we focus on giving an extravagant welcome for meaningful connection to all in our church community!

Activity Shifts Start End
Fellowship Lead 2 5/22/2022 6/19/2022
Fellowship Volunteer 2 6/5/2022 6/12/2022

Serving South Church: Worship

Our worship volunteers help to offer visitors the warm, extravagant welcome we strive for at South Church. Help set-up the sanctuary, greet visitors, prepare communion, create flower arrangements, and more.

Activity Shifts Start End
Deacon of the Day 3 5/22/2022 6/12/2022
Flower Arranger 7 5/22/2022 7/3/2022
Greeter: Elevator 15 5/22/2022 8/28/2022
Greeter: Front Door 14 5/22/2022 8/28/2022
Sunday Flower Delivery 7 5/22/2022 7/3/2022
Usher 14 5/29/2022 8/28/2022
Virtual Deacon 4 5/22/2022 6/12/2022

Serving South Church: Youth Programming

Our Spirit-filled Children's Chapel, Wednesday Wonders, Middle and High School Youth Group programming encourage questions and curiosity while learning to be open to God’s spirit and valuing our youth's unique abilities, interests, insights and questions. Please note: youth programs have various age requirements for volunteers. Check individual listings for details.

Activity Shifts Start End
Children's Chapel (Sunday School) 1 5/22/2022 5/22/2022
High School Youth Group Advisors 4 5/22/2022 6/12/2022
Middle School Youth Group Advisors 4 5/22/2022 6/12/2022