Lehigh Valley Zoological Society

Volunteers at the Lehigh Valley Zoo are important members of the LVZoo family who help provide ‘Smart Fun’ to over 200,000 of our guests annually! A key role of volunteers is helping provide a fun and educational experience for our guests. We are looking for volunteers to help make a visit to LVZoo an experience for our guests to remember for a lifetime! Whether volunteering as a Docent, Crafts & Activities volunteer, Zoo Clean team member, or in one of our other volunteer positions, you are helping our Zoo further our mission of conservation and education. Take a look around, and if you see something that interests you, fill out an application.

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Volunteer Opportunities


Are you passionate about conservation? Do you like teaching others? Would you like your coworker to be a giraffe? If you answered yes to any of these, volunteering as a docent at the Lehigh Valley Zoo may be for you!

Docents play an integral role in the zoo, acting as informal teachers for the public! As a bridge between zoo guests and staff, docents are responsible for running interactive exhibits (i.e. the giraffe feed and lorikeet aviary), showcasing biofacts, assisting guests, supporting the education department staff, and ultimately using their exceptional interpretation skills to educate and inspire guests in the field of wildlife conservation. Please note that due to the educational nature of this position that completion of a mandatory orientation and training period is required upon acceptance to this program.

Whether you are looking to make a difference, connect with exotic animals, learn something new, or just get outside and have fun, the Lehigh Valley Zoo docent program has something to offer everyone!

Crafts & Activities

You don’t have to be an artist to have fun in this role!


Crafts & Activities are important to us here at the Lehigh Valley Zoo. We’re passionate about wildlife, conservation, and the love of friends and family.

With so many opportunities, you could find yourself responsible for crafts to-go, or even supervising and assisting in art-based activities for families and their kids to participate in. We’re also looking for volunteers who would be comfortable running interactive games or supervising and monitoring child safety at our play stations.

So come out - enjoy yourself! Make bracelets with the kids; cheer on winners, applaud participants... Or for the brave and courageous, sink your teeth into this! Become our next zoo-sensation by captivating our guests as they embark upon one of our exciting, one-of-a-kind adventures around the zoo!  

Special Events


Large Events:

At the Lehigh Valley Zoo, we enjoy putting together a multitude of fun, family-friendly events for all age groups to enjoy. If you’re looking to get yourself, your friends, or a team involved – volunteering for any of our special events might just be for you! 

A few fan-favorite examples include: Brew at the Zoo (or our spookier seasonal events each year – Boo at the Zoo or Hallow-In-Between), Run Wild 5K/10K ...and of course, our unforgettable Winter Lights Spectacular during the most wonderful time of the year. Larger events like these are “all hands-on deck!” for us. So, we appreciate everyone who comes out to volunteer their time. 

Small Events:

Our team works hard to develop ideas for the smaller, but no less special occasions we put on throughout the year.  

With volunteer participation, the Lehigh Valley can feature even more unique festivities to enjoy at the zoo. From holidays to days of awareness and cultural celebration, these examples are just the tip of the iceberg.

We truly believe our visions are possible, but we know that we need your support!

Clean-Up Crew

At the Lehigh Valley Zoo, part of our mission is to advocate for wildlife and nature conservation. This includes our dream of inspiring local communities to participate in our mission too.

Our Zoo Clean-Up Crews are of high value to us. By volunteering for this role, you help make the Zoo a healthier, happier, and safer place. The local people, plants, and animals who are here with us will all appreciate and benefit from your handiwork!

Winter Lights

How happy are you about the winter holidays? From November to the end of December, the Lehigh Valley Zoo puts on our annual Winter Light Spectacular for 30-35+ nights each year! Run our game booth, spend time with princesses, cozy up with the hot chocolate & smore's booth inside of our special guest VIP lounge! Or maybe, if you're brave enough - you can buddy up with the Grinch! Possibilities are full of fun and festivities, but remember! Dress warm, and be ready to drink lots of hot chocolate!


More to be updated with a full description!

We mainly look to our skilled, talented, or just plain generous volunteers for helping support our zoo by creating anything to enhance our visitors' experience. If you or your group likes to build, construct (minor construction / non-structural projects), or use your hands, our staff always have ideas on different zoo-enhancing projects that can ease either our needs, or the animals' needs!

We also love volunteers who dedicate their time and effort with a willingness to support a family's experience. Helping us build set-ups for carnival-style or outdoor games, small structures like a music wall or interactive outdoor playsets, are all ideas we would love to incorporate! However, our resources are limited, so when volunteers can donate or help, this not only inspires us, but puts a smile on everybody's face who can benefit from these things!

NOTE: Individuals who select this interest on a solo application form, for serious inquiries please reach out to Volunteer Program Coordinator at hsegreaves@lvzoo.org Groups encouraged for this particular practice.

Special Event Volunteer - LARGE EVENT (varies; please read sign-up descriptions per activity)

Large Events are organized events hosted at the LV Zoo. These events in particular are prepared in collaboration with vendors, other organizations, performance artists, or entertainment services to put on truly spectacular functions each year!

Your help in supporting and assisting us not only allows us to run these events, but with your participation, you make them even greater! Because the Lehigh Valley Zoo is a NON-PROFIT organization, all proceeds are put directly back into our zoo and conservation funding.

Activity Shifts Start End
Brew at the Zoo 1 9/14/2024 9/14/2024
Christmas in July 0 7/25/2024 7/25/2024
Fall Wine Fest 1 9/29/2024 9/29/2024
Ottertober Fest 1 10/5/2024 10/5/2024
Zoo-coustic 1 7/27/2024 7/27/2024

Mission Statement


By partnering with the community, Lehigh Valley Zoo will be a leader in conservation education and action.


Lehigh Valley Zoo connects its community with nature to empower people to protect wildlife.


We are one Zoo, one team. We value every person’s contribution and are united by our shared purpose and goals.

We recognize that everyone is of equal value and show empathy and care for each other, our guests, and nature

We strive to inspire as the most knowledgeable and trusted resource for our community on animals and nature conservation.

We love what we do and are driven to continually motivate each other and others to take positive action for wildlife.

We do our best work driven by a deep sense of purpose and consistently uphold high standards of professionalism.

We go above and beyond to create positive experiences and profound connections to our mission.