Finchley Memorial Hospital Ophthalmology Administration Support

Volunteer Tasks & Responsibilities  

Ophthalmology Team need support in contacting their patients a day before their appointments.  This is to ensure that the scheduled appointment would be attended by the patient and if they would not be able to make it for their appointment, a new appointment could be arranged.  The Ophthalmology administration team will create the list of appointments.  As all Covid-19 restrictions have now been lifted in England, RFL would still impose wearing masks for all staff, volunteers and contractors working in FMH and is mobile units.

The role of the volunteer will be to -

  • Call patients who have appointments the next day and within the next 2 weeks, to make sure that they are able to attend
  • If they are able to attend, the clinic list will be marked with a "check".
  • If the patient is not able to attend their appointment anymore, they will be offered a new appointment and ask for the reason/s why they will not be attending. Record the reason/s on the clinic list next to patient name.
  • If the patient does not pick up the phone, a volunteer would contact them again the following morning.

The volunteer must wear appropriate PPE (mask only) and try to maintain social distancing as much as possible. Face masks and hand sanitiser will be provided in the offices.

Any other duties/tasks must first be cleared with the key staff contact and the Volunteer Team Manager.

Skills Required 

  • Good and clear communication skills, comfortable talking on the phone
  • Approachable and helpful
  • Professional and discreet
  • Able to work under own initiative
  • Calm under pressure
  • Adhere to social distancing at all times

 Please note that this role does not include:

  • Exchanging personal details with patients or visitors
  • Accessing the patient records electronically
  • Taking on any clinical tasks