Finchley Memorial Hospital Meet & Greet and Survey Volunteer

Volunteer Tasks & Responsibilities  

Patients enter the community diagnostic hub for a range of clinics that are available. Due to the ongoing pandemic, volunteers are needed to help screen patients using questions about their symptoms and wellbeing and help them get to the right clinic on time. The community diagnostic hub is a new service so the staff would also like some support from volunteers to complete surveys with patients about their experiences.

The role of the volunteer will be to -

  • Greet patients as they enter and complete a quick screening questionnaire about their symptoms and wellbeing
  • Escalate any patients who do not pass the screening questions by directing them to the triage centre where a member of staff will advise the patient on what to do.
  • Instructing or escorting patients to the correct clinic and advising them of waiting times
  • Conduct surveys with patients across eight of the clinics in the hub. Vernon can advise which clinic will be best to start with at the beginning of your shift. Surveys are currently on paper but will become iPad based in the near future. Training will be provided for using the iPad and volunteers must clean the iPad regularly and ask ensure patients gel their hands before and after using the iPad.

The volunteer must wear appropriate PPE (mask only) and try to maintain social distancing as much as possible.

Please note with regards to assisting patients who require a wheelchair, volunteers can assist patients in an emergency or if there are no available porters.

Any other duties/tasks must first be cleared with the key staff contact and the Volunteer Team Manager. Volunteers may do only the meet and greet aspect of the role or only the survey aspect of the role if they would prefer.

Skills Required 

  • Good communication skills, especially listening
  • Approachable and helpful
  • Professional and discreet
  • Able to work under own initiative
  • Calm under pressure
  • Able to use an iPad for patient surveys (training provided)
  • Adhere to social distancing at all times

Please note that this role does not include:

  • Supporting a patient’s weight beyond a steadying hand or arm
  • Exchanging personal details with patients or visitors
  • Taking on any clinical tasks
  • Taking patients temperature for screening