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Volunteer Opportunities

Grocery and Pharmacy Deliveries

Bring comfort (and more) to those in self-isolation.

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The elderly, anyone with COVID-19 symptoms, and anyone who cannot shop alone are being told not to out shopping, even for groceries or medicine. You can alleviate the stress from this by simply dropping off prearranged purchases, safely at someone’s doorstep. 

Your own vehicle and a clean driving record are required to help out in this way.

Virtual Friendly Visits

A phone call or video chat can make a world of difference.

Let’s face it. Physical isolation is not easy on any of us. For those living alone, it’s even harder. With your help, physically distancing doesn’t have to mean social isolation.

All it takes is your phone and enjoyment in having conversations with people. Comfort with video chat software is a bonus given how many people are trying it for the first time.

24 Hour Hotline Help

You can be there when someone needs it the most.

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Not only is the pandemic stressful enough on its own, having to deal with it makes us more vulnerable to the effects of all of the other stresses in our lives. Sometimes these build up to the point where we need help. You can be there when others are at that point. 

We will provide training for those able to help in this way.

Homework Tutor

It's tough for kids. Help make their homework less so.

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Many schools are doing what they can to keep the education process going and many parents are likely gaining a new appreciation for teachers. ;-) There is a lot that students can do on their own but, for many students, a personal touch goes a long way. You can fill an important gap in a student’s life today that will benefit them forever. 

We’re looking to match tutors with students of all ages.

Support for Healthcare Workers

It’s your chance to help real life superheroes.

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They are working long hours under some of the most stressful conditions imaginable. You can’t change that, of course, but you can provide them some support that saves their physical and mental energy for the gargantuan task that has been dumped on them. 


Potential ways you could help include: providing care for their children, making the weekly trip for groceries for them, taking care of some yard work, or a variety of other tasks. 

Childcare for Essential Workers

We need them at work for us. Be there for them at home.

Essential workers are providing services that we need to continue. But with schools and daycares closed, some of these modern day heroes are faced with the challenge of what to do about providing care for their children.


You can help make it easier for them to make life easier for all of us.

Dog Walking

Rover really needs to get outside once in a while.

A person walking a dog on a leash

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For dog owners who are elderly or recommended to self-isolate exclusively indoors for any reason, the pandemic adds an extra burden. You can help keep their dogs healthy (and comfortable), and get your steps in, too!


We’ll look to match you up with people and pets as close to you as possible.


Driving for Others

It’s like being a taxi driver, with extra compassion.

People need to get to doctor’s appointments and get home when discharged from the hospital, and some simply don’t have anyone they can call on to help. That’s where you come in. We’ll make all the arrangements and you’ll get them where they need to be. 


Your own vehicle and a clean driving record are required to help out in this way. Please note that all patients being discharged from the hospital who you might drive home have been categorized by referrers as not having a confirmed COVID-19 infection.

Food Box Assembly

Our food bank is busier than it's ever been

Help us help those who have lost their jobs and are simply looking to put food on the table for their families. Our food bank is busier than it's ever been, and some of our regular volunteers have had to go into self-isolation. The result is that we could use an extra hand. We'll keep you safe, and you'll help keep families fed.

We can use healthy volunteers who can stand, stoop and lift. No symptoms of illness will be allowed on site. Temperatures will be taken upon arrival and masks are encouraged.

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