Do It Yourself - Giving Tree/Adopt a Resident

Commitment: Varies

Timeline: One week

Location: Drop off at 410 7th St, Brookings

Details: Looking for a way to impact our local residents living in nursing homes or assisted livings? You can "adopt" a resident from our Giving Tree! Requests vary but typically include items like clothing and large-print reading materials. You are free to package the items as you wish and add additional items like words of encouragement or colored pictures from kids. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Stop in the office to select a resident or contact us to select one for you. 
  2. Purchase the items within one week. 
  3. Drop the items off at The Salvation Army office. We handle the safe and confidential delivery. 

Also available on the Giving Tree are "Special Projects." These are larger cost items that would benefit the residents, but the facility is not able to purchase. If you are able to make a larger purchase, contact us today to see what is available.