zWest Surrey Badger Group NO LONGER ACTIVE

Mission Statement

The West Surrey Badger Group strives to help and protect our native badgers and the environment in which they live, for the benefit of us all. Local badgers are under threat from road traffic, encroaching housing development and persecution. We are a group of volunteers who aim to help people and badgers live together in this beautiful county.

Our activities include:

Rescue and rehabilitation

Our volunteers respond to calls from members of the public who find injured or distressed badgers, and we assist with the rehabilitation of orphaned badger cubs. 

Advice on planning and development

We liaise with councils and developers to help reduce the impact of housing or industrial development on our local badgers.

 Advice on badger activity in gardens

We provide advice on how to discourage badgers from anti-social behaviour, and how to get along with our wild neighbours.

 Sett surveying and monitoring

We keep a record of where badgers are living and monitor these setts to ensure they are not interfered with. Badgers are protected by law and we liaise with the police where illegal activity is discovered.

Membership and donations enable us to carry out our work. 

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