CFC Volunteer Trips - 08) Improving and Protecting Habitats in the Little White Salmon Planning Area


Project: Improving and Protecting Habitats in the Little White Salmon Planning Area


Date: July 20-21, 2024 (10:00 am Saturday - 3:00 pm Sunday)


Location: Little White Salmon


Trip leader: Shiloh Halsey


Trip description: Planning is underway in the Little White Salmon Planning Area, where the Forest Service is considering a variety of management actions. These actions include timber harvest but will also likely include efforts to improve habitats through instream restoration and road reduction. We will be touring various parts of the planning area to collect on-the-ground information for a variety of initiatives, including instream restoration, road reduction, and forest conservation. This information will be used to help us and the Forest Service prioritize road restoration efforts to enhance the connectivity of forest habitats. Join us as we explore numerous areas of the forest to prioritize future restoration efforts!


Task: Collection data on the current condition of creeks, roads, and forests 


Trip difficulty:  5 out of 5 ||  This trip requires hiking over uneven and/or steep terrain, through brush, over downed logs, traversing slippery rocks, and potentially up to 3 miles of hiking a day.


What you need: Sturdy hiking boots, warm layers, rain gear, sun protection, day pack with food/water and other essentials, and camping gear (detailed list sent via email)


Gear provided: Data collection equipment, measuring tools 


Lodging: Developed campground near Little White Salmon River

Schedule Summary

This activity occurs between Saturday, July 20, 2024 and Sunday, July 21, 2024