CFC Volunteer Trips - 05) Invasive Plant Removal along the Wind River


Project: Invasive Plant Removal along the Wind River


Date: June 8, 2024 (Saturday, 10:00 am - 5:00 pm)


Location: Wind River near Trapper Creek (1.5 hours from PDX/Vancouver)


Trip leader: Shiloh Halsey


Trip description: Various invasive plant species infestations have been identified in several areas along the Wind River. On this trip, we will visit Beaver Campground and Government Mineral Springs to hand pull several species of concern including herb Robert, hedge parsley, and tansy ragwort. Many of these species threaten mature forest ecosystems, making them of particular concern to CFC.


In addition to removing the invasive plants, you will also be helping to map the area using GIS. This will help CFC and the Forest Service monitor future locations to ensure the plants haven’t reinvaded the area.


Task: Hand-pulling invasive species along a trail and mapping removal locations on an iPad.


Trip difficulty:  3 out of 5 || This trip will entail going off-trail and potentially walking over downed logs and through brush. This activity also requires a lot of continual bending and squatting. 


What you need:  Sturdy hiking boots, warm layers, rain gear, sun protection, and a day pack with food/water and other essentials.


Gear provided: Gloves, trash bags


Lodging: N/A

Schedule Summary

This activity occurs between Saturday, June 08, 2024 and Saturday, June 08, 2024