CFC Volunteer Trips - 15) Seeding and Planting Native Plants for Pollinator Habitat Enhancement


Project: Seeding and Planting Native Plants for Pollinator Habitat Enhancement 


Date: October 5-6, 2024 (10:00 am Saturday - 3:00 pm Sunday)


Location: South of Mt. Adams (~2.5 hours from Portland/Vancouver)


Trip leader: Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator


Trip description: For several years, the Forest Service, CFC, and volunteers have been working to increase the biodiversity and resilience of fire-impacted habitats around Mount Adams by dispersing native seeds and planting native shrubs. This year, our focus is on enhancing pollinator habitat. We will be planting snowberry, woolly sunflower, currant, and oceanspray for the pollinators in the area. These species of plants are crucial for pollinator habitats, and vital for the survival of bees, butterflies, and other pollinators essential for ecosystems and agriculture. 


Join us in continuing our conservation efforts around the native plant community near Mount Adams!


Task: Hike 2+ miles on and off-trail with planting bags filled with shrubs (~20 lb pack) and planting around ~100 shrubs per day, per person 


Trip difficulty:  5 out of 5 || This trip entails walking on and off-trail and continuous bending and squatting while planting. There are many downed logs and uneven ground in the area.


What you need: Sturdy hiking boots, warm layers, rain gear, sun protection, day pack with food/water and other essentials, and camping gear (detailed list sent via email)


Gear provided: Shovels, planting bags, gloves


Lodging: Gotchen Creek Guard Station

Schedule Summary

This activity occurs between Saturday, October 05, 2024 and Sunday, October 06, 2024