Cascade Forest Conservancy's 2024 Volunteer Trips

Looking to make a difference for the Cascades?  Be a part of Cascade Forest Conservancy's 2024 volunteer trips! 

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CFC Volunteer Trips

Activity Shifts Start End
04) Invasive Plant Removal at Cedar Flats and Ape Caves 0 6/1/2024 6/1/2024
05) Invasive Plant Removal along the Wind River 1 6/8/2024 6/8/2024
06) Amphibian and Fish Surveys at Stump Creek 1 6/15/2024 6/16/2024
07) Site Assessments for Instream Restoration and Beaver Reintroduction 0 6/22/2024 6/23/2024
08) Improving and Protecting Habitats in the Little White Salmon Planning Area 1 7/20/2024 7/21/2024
09) Huckleberry Monitoring & Picking - Trip 1 1 8/3/2024 8/4/2024
10) Huckleberry Monitoring & Picking - Trip 2 1 8/10/2024 8/11/2024
11) FlowPer Extravaganza 1 8/17/2024 8/18/2024
12) Native Seed Collection for Pollinator Habitat 1 8/24/2024 8/24/2024
13) Building Instream Restoration Structures for Coho Salmon 0 8/24/2024 8/25/2024
14) Enhancing Salmon and Lamprey Habitats along Stump Creek 0 9/7/2024 9/8/2024
15) Seeding and Planting Native Plants for Pollinator Habitat Enhancement 1 10/5/2024 10/6/2024
16) Riparian Planting at Stump Creek 1 11/2/2024 11/2/2024

Mission Statement

The Cascade Forest Conservancy protects and sustains the forests, streams, wildlife, and communities in the heart of the Cascades through conservation, education, and advocacy.