Teen Court Teenager - Defense Attorney

Teen Defense Attorney

The teen defense attorney's role is to represent the teen defendant zealously within the bounds of the law.  The teen defense attorney will meet with the defendant to prepare the case and testimony for the trial.  Like the prosecutor, the defense attorney has the duty to maintain public respect for the judicial system. 

Teen attorneys must be responsible, flexible, and willing to come to court prepared to present their case. Case paperwork must be handled in a confidential manner.  Teen attorneys develop opening and closing statements and questions for direct and cross-examination, as well as for any witnesses that may testify.

To become a teen attorney you must have been a juror for at least 3 jury terms and must attend a Teen Court Attorney Training.  A new and inexperienced teen attorney is assigned with an experienced teen attorney and will be "in training" for the first few cases and/or until the teen is comfortable.



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This activity generally occurs on

  • Tuesday Evening