Horticulture Assistant

Horticulture: Two types of opportunities are available to volunteers (working with staff). 

  • There are special projects that bring together a small group of volunteers to accomplish a particular task, for example, transplanting plugs, planting a flower bed, picking ripe apples, raking leaves, spreading leaf mulch.  These tasks are available periodically throughout the year. 


  • The other opportunity is available every week but the task may vary depending on what needs to be done.  For examples, a volunteer signs up to volunteer on Wednesdays in the Lower Garden.  During that shift they may be asked to deadhead flowers, rake paths, weed, etc. depending on the need that day.  Other possible tasks include fertilizing baskets and pots, removing wood chips from roses, cleaning up exhibition greenhouse plants, staking and tying annuals in the cut garden. It is also possible for a volunteer to “adopt” a planting such as the Butterfly Garden or the Welcome Garden under this type of opportunity.