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General Interests

Pet Adoptions

Assist our shelter pets in finding a loving forever home! This can include weekly adoption assistance (the shelter is open daily from 11 am to 6 pm), mega adoption events and offsite adoption events at places like pet stores, community events and more. 

Working with Cats

Are you a Cat Lover?

Love Cats? We would love to hear from you! We need someone who has a lot of prior experience handling cats to volunteer! From assisting with cat enrichment, cat adoptions, cat socialization, or working at our CATZ-Cats at the Zoo Pet Encounter and Adoption Center, we need cat lovers of all kinds. 

Working with Dogs

Are you a Dog Lover?

Patience is perhaps the most important quality for someone who wants to work with dogs. We need someone who is familiar with large dog breeds and has some experience handling them on walks and excursions. You can assist in enrichment, dog walking, dog playgroups, taking a dog on a field trip, behavior modification and more!

Foster Program

Are you an expert at giving love and attention to animals?

Our foster carers provide much-needed temporary homes for animals who require extra love and support before becoming available for adoption.

This can include animals such as orphaned kittens, nursing mothers, recovering surgery patients, and pets who need help correcting their behavior. Interested in fostering too? We'll introduce you to our Foster Coordinator during your shelter tour!


Raise much needed funds for our shelter!

Fundraising is the process of gathering voluntary contributions of money or other resources, by requesting donations from individuals, businesses, charitable foundations, or governmental agencies.

These donations support everything from grooming, to food, veterinary care, to overhead costs of running the shelter.




Help our Administrative Team create a great experience for all volunteers.

Tasks may include answering telephone inquiries, assisting at the Welcome Desk, data entry and other administrative tasks. 


Community & Pet Support

Assist with our Community and Pet Support program in reuniting lost pets with their families. At the current time this is the most crucial aspect of helping pets and families reunite. This could include monitoring and tracking pets posted on Lost & Found Groups on Facebook, taking photos of found pets, entering lost and found pet reports and more. 


About EPAS


Deliver exceptional services to support a high quality of life for our pets, ensuring their five freedoms.


El Paso will be the leader in animal welfare


W-Willingness to Serve


Freedom from hunger and thirst.
Freedom from discomfort.
Freedom from pain, injury or disease.
Freedom to express normal behavior.
Freedom from fear and distress.