SmileMakers - Volunteer Photographer

Put a smile on the dial

‘I just wanted to say thank you for our photos, the time you spent with us all and the results you got were amazing.  It was much appreciated and really means a lot to palliative care patients and their families.’

‘We were delighted with the photographs that Julia took. We thought she was very professional and was also a pleasure to have here. She showed great empathy with all members of the family, was very patient in the selection of locations and went far beyond what we expected in her choice of shots. The range and number of photos we have received are very precious and much appreciated.’

‘My mum was thrilled with the pictures taken and also how nice the photographer was and the time that he spent to ensure that we got some lovely pictures.  He did a great job and we really appreciate that experience. ‘


EPC have a group of talented photographers who  visit our clients and their families for a session of creating beautiful images.  This takes place in the client’s home or at a site of the client’s choosing (within our catchment area).  Once the visit is complete the photographer will email the client digital images of their photos for their unlimited use.

If you are someone who is involved with photography, and are looking for a way to bring a smile to someone who is in a difficult space then this might be the role for you.