Palliative Paws (dog walking) Volunteer


'I have been unable to walk my dog, Suzy for 8 months. She and I have  become very housebound . Suzy is blind, deaf and diabetic and I couldn’t’ get over the patience and handling of Suzy that my volunteer showed. Suzy didn’t want to walk at first, so my volunteer sat with her on the step and played with her until she got more familiar with her. She won her ove,r which is great for Suzy, and off they went on a 30 min walk.'


'The Palliative Paws team have transformed my dog’s life and have transformed my life. Before they got involved my dog was getting no walks at all. Now he is out 2 times a week.'


We know that animals are a significant support system for our clients. They are very much a part of the family network and bring their own brand of ‘happy’ into the home. As our clients get weaker they are unable to continue to exercise their dogs as they once did and that is where our volunteers can get involved.

A volunteer will visit a home up to two times a week to walk the  family pet. All dogs are met and walked by an EPC staff member before being linked to a volunteer.

If you are someone who likes the fresh air, furry creatures, walking regularly and want to care for the four legged supporters of our clients then this might be the role for you.