Community Volunteer

Us with You

‘K loved his volunteer, H.  He loved how H took him to the shops, visited him, supported him and talked with him.  In fact, K never stopped talking about how good his EPC volunteer was.’

‘Pat and I have had the best day ever.  We talked and talked and talked. I can’t wait to see her next week.  It was simply marvelous’

Our clients find that with the progression of their illness, their social world decreases in size.  They may not feel as confident about going out on their own any longer.  Our carers also get very tired and are unable to find time to do the things that must happen each week, in order for a household to function.

This is where our Community volunteers step in.

They visit clients in their own home.  This can be on a weekly basis, for up to four hours but is often far less.

Visits can include companionship and social interaction, respite support to give carers a break, transport to and from medical appointments or social outings.

Our volunteers do not perform any personal care, medication management, shopping (without the client’s presence) or housework.

Community volunteers engage in many different activities with clients.  These have included:

  • going to the theatre and on picnics
  • painting together
  • playing chess or cards
  • drives in the country
  • op-shopping
  • cooking together
  • shooting hoops or gentle practice in the cricket nets with younger clients
  • Sometimes our volunteers will simply sit with a client who is resting to allow a carer to do some errands or just take a break.

 If you have the ability to just ‘be’ with another person, allowing them to guide your time together, our Community program might interest you