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There are currently more than 13,000 asylum seekers in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, either waiting for their opportunity to present themselves at the border so that they can request asylum under a process called metering, or that have been sent back to Mexico to wait for their asylum claims to be adjudicated, pursuant to the Administration’s Remain in Mexico policy (as known as Migrant Protection Protocols - MPP). These asylum seekers are not aware of their legal rights and need to receive information about the very complicated process of seeking asylum in the U.S. as well as referrals for legal representation. 

As a response, HIAS created the Border Response Team, located on the U.S.-Mexico border in the twin cities of El Paso, Texas and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. We invite you to be part of this response and apply to participate in our border volunteer program. 

-Remote Volunteer: We are looking for Spanish-speaking volunteers to support our Border Response Team on providing services to asylum seekers in the US-Mexico Border of El Paso, Texas, and Juarez, Mexico. The tasks include the translation of documents and interviewing asylum seekers for potential representation. The volunteer candidates will require a short telephone interview and background check. 

If you are interested in joining our volunteer program, please fill out the corresponding application form.

Additional information such as participants' profiles and time commitments will show the application form.

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