Set Up & Tear Down

Volunteers on this crew start work before the festival, helping our site coordinators actually piece together the tents, stages, and other infrastructure. Once the festival ends, they help take it all down again.

The main goal of the Set Up Crew is to prepare the site for opening night. This includes bringing items to the site from storage (transportation provided); prepping tables for use; distributing barricades, fencing, plants, tables and chairs around the venue; helping to put up festival signage; and distributing bike racks.

Tear Down Crew takes the site down. This includes gathering tables and chairs into one location; removing fencing from barricades; putting barricades in easy pick up locations; returning things to storage; taking garbage to the dumpsters; taking down signage; and sweeping the site.

Volunteers undertaking these roles need to wear closed footwear and weather appropriate clothing, and should be able to lift approximately 40 pounds.

Signing up for set up / strike is a great way to put in volunteer hours pre and post festival, and give yourself time to enjoy all that the festival has to offer!