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Building Maintenance

Activity Shifts Start End
Janitorial Work 769 10/23/2017 10/1/2020

Christmas Kettle Campaign

Help Us, Help Others by ringing at one of our Red Kettles through out Cape.
Activity Shifts Start End
Wal Mart Perryville 130 11/24/2017 12/23/2017


Activity Shifts Start End
Pantry Work 124 10/24/2017 12/27/2018
Thrift Store Sorting and Warehouse 973 10/23/2017 11/30/2020

Emergency Disaster Services

Help Us, Help Others by serving on our Emergency Disaster Services team.
Activity Shifts Start End
Emergency Diaster Services 1

Food Service

Activity Shifts Start End
Meals With Friends 415 10/23/2017 12/18/2020

Thankgiving 2017

Thank You for your willingness to give your time to volunteer for The Salvation Army of Cape Girardeau County. It is people like you who allow us to do what we do on a daily basis. You are now part of a much bigger ARMY that daily helps people through out Cape County.

Thank You again for Helping Us, To Help OTHERS.

The Salvation Army Staff

Activity Shifts Start End
BUSSING TABLES 1 11/23/2017 11/23/2017
CLEAN UP CREW 1 11/23/2017 11/23/2017
COAT GIVEAWAY 1 11/23/2017 11/23/2017
DEBONE TURKEYS 1 11/20/2017 11/20/2017
DESSERTS 1 11/22/2017 11/22/2017
DISHWASHERS 1 11/23/2017 11/23/2017
DOOR GREETERS 1 11/23/2017 11/23/2017
DRINK SERVERS 1 11/23/2017 11/23/2017
MEAL DELIVERY DRIVERS 1 11/23/2017 11/23/2017
MEAL SERVERS 0 11/23/2017 11/23/2017
PREPARING GREEN BEAN CASSEROLE 1 11/22/2017 11/22/2017
PREPARING THE STUFFING 1 11/22/2017 11/22/2017
REFRIGERATE LEFTOVERS 1 11/23/2017 11/23/2017
SEATING SET UP 1 11/22/2017 11/22/2017
TO GO TRAYS 1 11/23/2017 11/23/2017
TRASH TAKE OUT 1 11/23/2017 11/23/2017


Activity Shifts Start End
Corps Sergeant Major (CSM) 1

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Mission Statement

"Help Us, Help OTHERS"

The Mission Statement of The Salvation Army 

 The Salvation Army, an international

movement, is an evangelical part of the
universal Christian church.

Its message is based on the Bible.
Its ministry is motivated by the love of
God. Its mission is to preach the gospel of
Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in 
His name without discrimination.