Mealtime Companion

Assist residents at mealtime. Training is provided. This is a great position for busy people since you only need to give one hour per week.

  • 6 months minimum ( 30 hours minimum). About 1 to 1.5 hours
  • Introduce yourself to Nursing Staff as a Mealtime Volunteer and ask for an suitable resident for you to assist
  • Introduce yourself to assigned resident and let them know you will be assisting them with their meal.
  • Assist portering residents (following volunteer guidelines) to the dining room.
  • Wash own hands
  • Wash resident’s hands and help with placing napkin or clothing protector.
  • Help serve meals according to diet plan as directed by nursing staff
  • Assist residents with opening packages, cutting food, buttering bread, etc
  • Assist the assigned (low risk) residents with their meals only in the dining room
  • Socialize with residents during meals
  • Provide verbal encouragement
  • Use adaptive equipment when appropriate.
  • Ensure residents hands and face are clean at the end of meal.

  • Exhibit CapitalCare’s values at all times.  

  • Flexible schedule according to your availability. Weekly attendance is favorable,


  • Register as a Volunteer and complete Volunteer Orientation. 
  • Watch and complete the Loving Spoonful training. Password provided once you have become a registered Volunteer.
  • Additional training and in-services may be available


  • Excellent command for reading, speaking and comprehending English.
  • Have an interest in serving people
  • Accept direction and supervision
  • Be dependable and committed
  • Be friendly and trustworthy
  • Able to communicate effectively with residents and staff
  • Adult volunteer opportunity.