Department Assistance - Harvest House - Mealtime Companion


VOLUNTEER – Mealtime Companion


Commitment6 months minimum

Time: About 1 to 1½ hours

Length of Program: Ongoing

Supervisor: Nursing

Job Summary:

Promote a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere during mealtimes by assisting residents during meal times.

Position Benefits & Requirements



·       Introduce yourself to Nursing Staff as a Mealtime Volunteer and ask for an suitable resident for you to assist

·       Introduce yourself to assigned resident and let them know you will be assisting them with their meal.

·       Assist portering residents (following volunteer guidelines) to the dining room.

·       Wash own hands

·       Wash resident’s hands and help with placing napkin or clothing protector.

  • Help serve meals according to diet plan as directed by nursing staff
  • Assist residents with opening packages, cutting food, buttering bread, etc

·       Assist the assigned (low risk) residents with their meals only in the dining room

·       Socialize with residents during meals

·       Provide verbal encouragement

·       Use adaptive equipment when appropriate.

·       Ensure residents hands and face are clean at the end of meal.


Exhibit CapitalCare’s values at all times.  



Attend Volunteer Orientation. 

Take the Loving Spoonful Training Program facilitated by CapitalCare.

Additional training and in-services may be available



·       Have an interest in serving people

·       Accept direction and supervision

·       Be dependable and committed

·       Be friendly and trustworthy

·       Able to communicate effectively with residents and staff

·       Be mature and motivated



Satisfaction of knowing you have made a difference in a person’s life. Parking passes and refreshment vouchers available.




Revised August 22, 2017

Qualifications Required

  • Volunteer Security Screening Must be at least Completed