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As an educational charity, we work with our local communities to help us create a future where everyone is included, curious and inspired to build a better world together. 

Volunteers are a hugely important part of the work we do and help us bring science to life in a variety of ways.

By joining our volunteer programme you will meet new people, share and gain new skills as well as have fun! Our volunteer opportunities are flexible and varied. You can choose from a wide range of opportunities including working with our visitors in our exhibition spaces, supporting school workshops, helping with our shop as well as getting out and about with the team at local community venues and events.

We The Curious is an idea and a place for everyone.

We're all about asking questions, getting creative and testing things out. Science is collaborative, living and a vital part of culture.

Our venue on Bristol’s harbourside is a bit like an indoor festival, with all sorts of different experiences, where you can interact with exhibits and take part in experiments. It’s where boundaries are removed between science, art, people and ideas. 

Our venue is less SHHH and more playful - DO touch the exhibits, do use your phone, DO laugh out loud, bring your kids, friends, grandparents or come and escape on your own.

Curiosity is the engine that drives both artistic and scientific enquiry. It’s something we are all born with.

It is the seed for beautiful questions that lead to deep learning and new discoveries.

So we need to empower everyone to keep asking questions, and have a voice in shaping our collective futures.

As an educational charity we need to evolve with the world around us - as the digital landscape changes access to science, and as you ask us to be more challenging, and for everyone.

So we have a new vision, to build a culture of curiosity.

And you're part of it.

We is you and me and everybody.

Be curious, look up, peer closer, pause, connect with new people, and ask questions.

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‘I’m doing my A Levels at the moment and that’s quite a lot of stress… and I still want to make sure I am connected to the reason I chose to study science so I thought We The Curious is the best way to do that’ - Dillan

‘Volunteering has brought so much to my life, like confidence…. but most of all, it has given me a new family’ - Nick Bignall, former volunteer and current staff member

‘It’s given me a lot more experience in science communication… as a women the whole reason I study science is because I’ve had amazing assistance… volunteering means that I’m giving that to other people’ - Ellie

‘We The Curious has made me feel welcome and a part of the team, and it’s great to chat about all things scientific and beyond. I appreciate the way I can choose what hours I can offer’ - Dr Chris Fox

‘Growing up in Bristol, I would always come here… so coming back here as a volunteer I’m helping the people that were me’ - Asha

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